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05 Aug '16

Boldly GO at Otakon 2016 - Booth M09!

Hey, so, first order of news! We'll be at Otakon 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland next week. We're very excited to see everyone there, and we will be at booth M09, present and incorrect. Find us on Otakon's handy dandy interactive map here.

So the second order of business today is... these SUPER DUPER AWESOME shirts featuring all the factions of Pokemon Go, and all the awesome people of Star Trek. They're cool, and they're a con exclusive - you can get your hands on them at the booth!

Meet the designs:
star trek boldly GO pokemon mystic instinct valor insignias
All 3 shirts are screen printed on a navy blue background, and feature the insignias of your favorite teams in designs that transforms the wonderful world of Starfleet into the wonderful world of Starfleet WITH POKEMON IN IT.
So again... you CAN get your hands on them early at Otakon, August 12th to 14th. If you will NOT be at Otakon but want to reserve your copy of the shirt today... you CAN! Preorders are open online, all shirts ordered on the site will ship starting on August 15th, 2016.

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