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The Fireborn

The Fireborn

$ 24.99

This is the shirt you'd need for when you've modded your Skyrim to play Pokemon Go for you. Or, for when you need to intimidate your enemies with your massive Charizard. Or maybe, this is just the shirt you need for when you sit around thinking about dragons, and nothing but dragons. One thing is certain - you need this shirt.

  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton
  • screen printed design
  • manufactured by BustedTees
  • colors: navy blue shirt, design in standard charizard colors (you've all seen a charizard)
  • sizes: men's small - 3XL
  • I want to make a Skyrim joke here but the last time I watched someone play Skyrim they just stabbed a guy in the butt for 2 hours to get to maximum level of sneak so I really can't
  • charizard is bae



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