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About Us

The Company

R Fandom wants everyone to celebrate fandom through clothing.  What better way to show love and support for your favorite hobbies while sharing them with everyone you see?  Either they get it and you've made a friend, or they won't ask.  No awkwardness, just "hey, I like your shirt."  It's the perfect plan.  All we have to do is scour the world for great designs, investigating the most independent of artists and the most corporate of corporations, obtain their shirts, drive them hundreds of miles to the Geek Convention in your town, and hope you like it.  And if you're an awesome designer we haven't found yet, remedy that by telling info@rfandom.com all about what you can do. 

The People Behind The Booth

Our childhood was like yours: Mario, Zelda, Transformers, My Little Pony, GI Joe, Jurassic Park, Voltron, Final Fantasy, Superman, Batman, and Adult Swim--though the roman numerals after the title and animation budgets were a little lower.  Our adulthood...err...that's a strong word..."time where we have jobs and monies" is also similar:  A love of wonderful art forms, characters, and storytelling media has driven us to cosplay, seek autographs, go to conventions, and get strange looks from allegedly "normal" people.  We love our fandoms, and we think you're awesome for loving something that hard.



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